Hearing Aid Services

FREE Hearing Screening: The best solution for improving hearing is to identify the hearing loss and begin rehabilitation as early as possible. For this reason, we strongly encourage hearing screenings for anyone over 50 – and we offer the service for FREE. If an individual fails the hearing screening, we will recommend a full hearing evaluation to more accurately determine the type, degree, and intervention required.

45 Day Evaluation Period: All our hearing aids are dispensed with a minimal 45 day evaluation period.

1. It’s NYS law
2. It is an appropriate amount of time for the brain, ear, and individual to adapt to new sound.

For any reason, the hearing aid/s can be returned during or at the end of the evaluation period. All costs, minus the evaluation fee and earmolds (if recommended), are refunded.

Musician Ear Plugs: Rochester is well known for its rich musical environment. Unfortunately, concerts (whether classical or rock) can often exceed measurements of 115dB – just a little less than a jet engine. That intensity of sound can cause some serious damage to the ear, especially with continual exposure. Musician earplugs were designed to replicate the natural response of the ear canal while suppressing volume that can be damaging. You can continue to appreciate the fullness and quality of music without sacrificing your hearing sensitivity.

Cost: $175.00/pair

Complete Diagnostic Evaluations: Having a diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step in determining the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of your hearing loss. Your evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes of hearing loss. One of our licensed audiologists will perform the diagnostic hearing tests, review the results with the patient and make recommendations. If medical intervention is warranted, a referral will be made to the patients primary doctor or specialist before proceeding with any further recommendations. If testing reveals you are a hearing aid candidate, we will make an evaluation of your lifestyle, needs and personal goals before determining the best hearing aid style for your particular hearing loss.You can continue to appreciate the fullness and quality of music and everyday speech without sacrificing your hearing sensitivity.

Hearing Aid Repairs: Regular hearing aid checks are a critical part of ensuring proper functioning hearing aids. Malfunctioning hearing aids can be as simple as wax or debris in the hearing aid or ear canal. Using specialized state-of-the-art equipment we can test your hearing aid to ensure that it is functioning within manufacturer’s specifications. We pride ourselves on our highly trained staff and well equipped repair lab and as such are able to do many repairs in our office. This minimizes downtime and any inconveniences to the hearing aid user. If we are unable to repair the hearing aid in the office, we will send them to the original manufacturer.

All hearing aid repairs come with either a 6 or 12-month
guarantee for your peace of mind.

Custom Ear molds: Ontario Hearing Centers offers quality earmolds in a multitude of styles and materials that are customized for every hearing aid fitting. The earmold is an important link in the fitting of a hearing aid system because it must routinely and simultaneously fulfill numerous functions. The earmold must:
• Provide a satisfactory acoustic seal
• Acoustically couple the hearing aid to the ear
• Modify the acoustic signal produced by the hearing aid
• Be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time
• Be aesthetically acceptable to the patient, and
• Be of a style that the patient can physically handle
All earmolds are guaranteed to fit comfortably, provide appropriate acoustic seals, and be aesthetically appealing or be remade at no additional cost for the first 30 days.

Cost –Depending on style and material: $55.00 – $75.00 ea.

Compatibility and Verification Testing: All hearing aid fittings are verified using sophisticated “real-ear” technology. Real ear measurements are a way to verify that the amplification of your hearing aid is appropriate for the size and shape of your ear and the degree of hearing impairment. By using real ear measurements the audiologist can verify that the sound reaching your eardrum from your hearing aid is the correct amount needed to compensate for your hearing loss.

Numerous studies have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of real-ear verification as an important clinical tool for fitting and verifying hearing aid effectiveness, however most dispensing practices do not routinely use this technology. Ontario Hearing Centers is different – Real-ear measurement (REM) is the standard of our practice and is an integral part of our hearing aid fitting protocol.

Custom Hearing Protection: FREE DISPOSABLE EARPLUGS – As a token of our commitment to educate and protect the public from noise pollution, we offer free disposable EAR classic earplugs. Just stop in one of our offices and request a free pair for your use.
We also offer Custom Molded Ear Plugs for a wide variety of applications from swimming to shooting to sleeping. When you find that ordinary ear plugs just do not work because they fall out, hurt, do not block enough noise, or block too much sound, it is time to consider custom molded ear plugs. Specialized molds can be made for hunting, cell phones, IPOD/MP3, recreation, or swimming.

Cost: FREE: E.A.R. classic earplugs
Custom Swimplugs: $150.00/pair
Custom Hearing Protectors: $150.00.00/pair
IPOD/MP3 Custom Earphone Plugs: $130.00-$170.00/pair

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