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For over 50 years, Ontario Hearing Centers have been providing Rochester hearing aids and helping patients and families understand and treat hearing loss.

We’re committed to helping you hear and feel better, which is why we take the time to learn more about you, your hearing loss and your lifestyle. The more we understand about your hearing issues and your needs, the better we can create a personal hearing care program that’s perfect for you.

FREE Hearing Screening

Contact us today to schedule your FREE hearing screening with one of the Doctors.

Complete Diagnostic Evaluations

Having a diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step to analyzing your hearing loss.

Compatibility and Verification testing

All hearing aid fittings are verified using sophisticated “real-ear” technology.

45 Day Evaluation Period

All our hearing aids are dispensed with a minimal 45 day evaluation period.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Regular hearing aid checks are a critical part of ensuring proper functioning hearing aids.

Custom Hearing Protection

we offer free disposable EAR classic earplugs. Stop in one of our offices and request a free pair!

Musician Ear Plugs

You can continue to appreciate the fullness of music without sacrificing your hearing sensitivity.

Custom Ear Molds

Ontario Hearing Centers offers quality earmolds that are customized for every hearing aid fitting.

Assisted Listening Devices

We carry a wide variety of assistive listening devices (ALD’S).

Special Battery Club

We use high quality batteries and guarantee their ability to function well. Several options are available to obtain batteries.

In-Home Service Calls

The advancement of technology provides us with portable equipment that can be brought to the home!

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