Staff Biographies

Dr. John McNamara

I began my career working with the severe to profound hearing impaired population. I interned at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT and taught at Gallaudet (MSSD) University following graduation. I moved to Brooklyn and set up an audiology department at a large geriatric hospital – nursing facility. Following my tenure there, I moved to Rochester and began teaching at NTID at RIT. I remained there until I began my work at Ontario Hearing Instruments in 1988. I completed my clinical doctorate in Audiology in 2006. As the field of Audiology develops, so too does the need to stay educated with the increasingly fast paced changes in technology and diagnostic procedures.
Today’s technology provides a drastically different kind of hearing instrument then was available only a few years ago. The challenge to stay educated about these changes and to implement them on the right hearing loss and individual is what makes the difference between fair to good results, and excellent results. Our office staff makes it a point to spend time with each patient to assure that their needs are addressed. I encourage you to meet with us and give us the opportunity to recommend what plan of action we feel will best meet your needs.

Dr. Andrea Segmond

Upon graduation I started my career at the Newark (NY) DDSO where I worked with individuals who have mental retardation and developmental disabilities. I conducted extensive diagnostic testing and dispensed hearing aids. I also consulted with and did evaluations for the Roosevelt Children’s Center located in Newark, NY. In 1998, I began work in a private practice and in 2000 joined Ontario Hearing Centers.
My time is divided between our main office in Brighton and our West office located at 785A Spencerport Rd. in Gates
This is an extraordinarily exciting time to be involved with dispensing hearing aids because of the considerable technological advances that have been made in the recent years to help produce better products for people with hearing loss. Verification measures have been enhanced to show that there is an appropriate amount of amplification and that the hearing aid performs the way it has been designed. When noise is present, we can now demonstrate that hearing aids effectively reduce surrounding noise by picking up and amplifying sound from the front(incoming speech)while at the same time suppressing other surrounding non-speech sounds. With the advent of these and other technologies, we are able to help the hearing impaired individual now more than ever before.
Our office makes it a point of ensuring that we spend sufficient time with our patients to address their specific needs. So, I encourage you to make an appointment to see how we can help your hearing health needs.

Chris Cisterna

Chris’s Home Service Areas
Chris makes regular home service visits to communities along the 104 cooridor west and east of Rochester, NY. As far west as Medina, NY and as far east as Fulton/Oswego.
My Background
As a life-long resident of Rochester, I enjoy helping improve the quality of lives of the hearing impaired individuals in my own community. At Ontario Hearing Centers, our licensed professionals will work with you to assure an accurate assessment of your hearing and provide recommendations which are tailored to your personal needs. With the vast range of hearing aid options and prices today, choosing the right hearing aid can be confusing.
Our job is to keep up with the ever changing technological advancements in our field and to recommend the most appropriate solution for you. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to address your individual hearing needs. Currently, I work in our main office on Monroe Avenue and also provide home service in Orleans, Genesee, Wayne, and Oswego counties.
At Ontario Hearing, we have access to all major hearing aid manufacturers. This gives us the flexibility to select the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing loss. We strive at, and are extremely proud of, our commitment to customer service and product quality. We provide all our hearing instruments fittings with a 45 day evaluation period to insure your satisfaction.

Steven Schmaltz

Steve’s Home Service Areas
Steve manages our office in Penn Yan every Wednesday located at Hendersons Drug Store 126 Main St.
My Background
I began working with Ontario Hearing Instruments in 1983 and advanced my qualifications by obtaining Board Certification as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. My expertise with hearing aids allows me to provide quality service and care to all my patients. I currently manage our office located at 785A Spencerport Rd. in Gates on Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and a satellite office in Penn Yan located at Hendersons Drug Store, 126 Main St.
I invite/encourage family members to be a part of the hearing aid evaluation and fitting process. All hearing aids are custom fit with an evaluation period(45 days) to assure that complete satisfaction is obtained.
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