What To Expect

When You Visit Ontario Hearing Centers

It’s completely normal to feel unsure of what to expect during your first audiology appointment at Ontario Hearing Centers. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and kept informed throughout the process.

Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a case history form. This will include contact and insurance information, any relevant medical history including medications, as well as any recent complaints and symptoms you’ve had related to your hearing.  Using the information you provided, our audiologists will discuss your hearing concerns with you and answer any initial questions that you have.

You should consider taking a close friend or family member with you to the appointment, as it is often beneficial to have someone else present to help you remember what was said and to write down information.

The evaluation of your hearing includes the following:

Otoscopic Examination – We will look in your ear canal with an Otoscope to check for ear wax, blockages, or any problems with your ear canal or ear drum.

Tympanometry – This will test your middle ear function. The audiologist will be looking to see how well your ear drum functions. The test can detect anything that would inhibit motion of the eardrum including, but not limited to fluid behind your ear drum, an infection, or Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Audiometry – You will be in a soundproof booth and will be asked to respond when you hear sounds at different frequencies (low and high pitches).  You will then be asked to repeat different words to determine your ability to discriminate speech sounds, in addition to measuring your ability to process and repeat sentences in the presence of background noise.

None of these tests are uncomfortable.  Immediately following the examination, your Audiologist will spend time explaining the results to you and how they relate to hearing, speech, and environmental sounds.

If a hearing loss has been diagnosed, we will discuss with you the options for providing better hearing solutions. Our purpose is to educate you, and help you through a process that involves reviewing your listening needs and lifestyle, and then making a specific recommendation.  It is important to determine any special needs, expectations, and/or concerns you may have.   We will recommend options for appropriate types and styles of hearing aids that are available and best suited for your needs.  Brochures and materials summarizing our findings will be given to you for your review.

If you decide to evaluate hearing aids, impressions may be taken of your ears, depending on the type of hearing instrument recommended, and an appointment to fit you with your new hearing aid/s will be scheduled.

When you return for your fitting, you will receive your new hearing aid/s. Your Audiologist will program your hearing aid/s based on your test results and perform verification testing to ensure that you are hearing properly.  You will be shown how to use and care for your hearing aid.  Our goal is to help you become comfortable with using your hearing aids while maintaining as much independence as possible.



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