Hearing and Productivity in the Workplace

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20% of the US population suffers from hearing loss.
60% of them are in the workforce.
How many are working for you?

Hearing and Productivity in the workplace

Hearing loss isn’t just a personal problem. It’s a workplace problem.

Current research shows that one in ten people in the workplace is now hearing impaired, which means one in ten in your workforce. Consequently, hearing loss can adversely affect important interactions, true comprehension, and critical decision-making – all aspects of staff performance and productivity. Hearing loss is much more than a personal problem. It’s a growing and largely unaddressed workplace management problem. The average age of first-time hearing aid wearers is close to 70 years of age, despite the fact that the majority (65 percent) of people with hearing loss are below the age of 65. Worst of all, nearly half of all people with hearing loss are below the age of 55

A large number of people wait 15 years or more from the point when they first recognize they have a hearing loss to when they purchase their first hearing aids. This is a tragedy since they might not be aware of the impact this delayed decision has had on the quality of their life, and the lives of their family and associates.

We can help.

Fortunately, it’s a problem that can be successfully addressed with the right corrective measures. Ontario Hearing can help. We work with local companies to discretely identify those suffering from hearing loss. Then provide them with the tools they need to fully realize their potential and quality of life. Furthermore, it helps your bottomline. Call us any time at (585) 442-4180 to find out how we can help you and your employees. 

Good information helps.

At Ontario Hearing, our goal is to be a helpful source of information and expertise for local businesses of all sizes. We recommend you download this informative document from The Better Hearing Institute. Fill out the form below to download.

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Dr. John J. McNamara- Owner and Doctor of AudiologyDr. John McNamara has been helped thousands in Greater Rochester and surrounding communities for almost 30 years. He has always worked to keep his patients and their families informed and educated with the increasingly fast paced changes in technology and diagnostic procedures.

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